Olivet Church History

In the midst of a storm, a body of 86 Believers who fellowshipped together prayerfully considered organizing a ministry that would honor God. The following is a timeline of the history of the Olivet Institutional Missionary Baptist Church (Olivet Church, Oakland).
July 23, 1980
Officially established as the Olivet Institutional Missionary Baptist Church, by Rev. Gordon A. Humphrey, Sr. at the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, Oakland (Rev. R.T. George, Pastor)
Dec 1980
Olivet grows, relocates to South Berkeley YMCA. Pastor Gordon Humphrey, Sr, sends his son to carry out the ministry needs of Olivet, Rev. Gordon Humphrey, Jr.
Thursday, August 28, 2018
June 1981
Rev. Gordon Humphrey, Jr. elected as Pastor of the Olivet Church.
Thursday, August 28, 2018
Oct. 1983
Olivet grows, relocates to 3233 Market Street, Oakland, CA.
July 1985
Olivet grows through stewardship, mortgage of Market Street location burned.
Spring 1989
“Come as you are” is introduced by Rev. Humphrey, Jr., and the “Sunday Night Live” evening worship experience is established.
Oct. 1995
Olivet grows, releases renowned CD ‘Sunday Night Live”
Spring 2001
Olivet grows through stewardship and relocates to 807—27th Street location.
Spring 2002
Olivet grows, plants new ministry in Stockton, CA. Olivet – Stockton is established.
April 2005
Olivet grows, due to the homegoing of Pastor Humphrey, Sr., a transition plan is announced, and Pastor Humphrey, Jr will transition to lead Shiloh Baptist Church of Chicago, IL.
Spring 2011
Olivet grows, Rev. Gregory D. Hunter is appointed as Staff Pastor of Olivet Oakland.
Jan 2013
Olivet grows through stewardship, sells 807 location and relocates temporarily to True Vine Baptist Church, Oakland.
Aug 2014
Olivet grows, Rev. Gregory D. Hunter is officially installed as Senior Pastor of Olivet Oakland.
March 2015
Olivet grows through stewardship and purchases current location, 1607 8th Street, Oakland.